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Daily Specials

Stay in touch with your customers with daily specials that have a product photo and description

  • Auto email notification and you decide when emails will be sent
  • Products can be listed as a special discount by a percentage or by an amount.
  • On the next screen choose your product from the drop-down box, put a special price.
  • This can be a percentage (10%) off or it can be a reduced set dollar amount like 10.00, with a start and expiration date.
  • Leave the expiry date empty for no expiration
  • Printable daily specials with photo, description, and special price for in store signage

Email Blast
Example of customized Email Blast:

Just like Walgreens email selected or all customers printalbe coupons.  Creating a discount coupon is done through the Coupon Admin.  This selection allows you to create/insert, edit, email and delete a coupon.  Coupons can be created in fixed or percentage amounts, for a single product, multiple products, a single category, multiple categories or the complete inventory.

Coupon Admin:

  • Coupon Name - A short name for the coupon
  • Coupon Description - A description of the coupon for the customer
  • Coupon Amount - The value of the discount for the coupon, either fixed or add a % on the end for a percentage discount.
  • Coupon Minimum Order - The minimum order value before the coupon is valid
  • Free Shipping - The coupon gives free shipping on an order
  • Coupon Code - You can enter your own code here, or leave blank for an auto generated one.
  • Uses per Coupon - The maximum number of times the coupon can be used, leave blank if you want no limit.
  • Uses per Customer - Number of times a user can use the coupon, leave blank for no limit.
  • Valid Product List - View A comma separated list of product_ids that this coupon can be used with. Leave blank for no restrictions.
  • Valid Categories List - View A comma separated list of cpaths that this coupon can be used with, leave blank for no restrictions.
  • Start Date - The date the coupon will be valid from
  • End Date - The date the coupon expires

Welcome Discount Coupon:

To send a welcome discount coupon, first create a discount coupon, then go to Configuration -> My Store and enter the discount coupon code into the Welcome Discount Coupon Code field. If you do not wish to send a welcome discount coupon, leave empty. Welcome discount coupons are sent as part of the welcome email and coupon description is included in the email.

Coupon Reports:

By customer id, customer name and date redeemed. 

Gift Vouchers

Creating a gift voucher for a customer to buy is the same as creating a new product with the exception that the gift vouchers Model Number must start with the word GIFT in upper case. It can be GIFT_25 or GIFT25 or whatever you would like to use, as long as it starts with the word GIFT. You can create gift vouchers in any denomination.

 You can also create gift vouchers by sending them to your customers via the admin->Customers/Coupons->Mail Gift Voucher selection within the admin. To use this to send a voucher to a customer use the drop down customer list. To send to a single customer or future customer you can put their email in the Email To: text box. Do not use both the customer dropdown list and the Email To: text box or the customer will get 2 gift vouchers.

Gift Voucher Release Queue:

 To prevent fraud, all gift vouchers are queued in your admin panel. When selling gift vouchers, always check that payment has been made before releasing the gift voucher to the customer. Customers will be notified by email once a gift voucher has been released. Only after release can a gift voucher be used.

Gift Voucher's Sent:

Gift voucher list by sender name, voucher name, voucher code and date sent.


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