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Two Important Hats
Two important "Hats" you wear that affect your productivity

As the leader of your company you play multiple roles and wear many hats every day. All the while you are trying to build your business. We have tools that will help you switch roles easily so you can focus on what's really important and go home feeling accomplished instead of overwhelmed.

Office Manager Hat --office productivity--getting a handle on how to really get things done, find what you need within seconds and end each day with a clean desk.

Human Resource Hat --work culture-developing, motivating, and evaluating employees into effective team players.

Customized Stress Free Productivity System

Customized stress-free productivity system based on David Allen's "Getting Things Done"

Workflow Steps: 

1. Collection (tools - in basket, legal pad, Outlook, voice mail, email)
   1.1 Every open loop must be in your collection system and out of your head

   1.2 You must have as few collection buckets as you can get buy with

   1.3 You must empty them regularly 

2. Process (item by item thinking)
   2.1 Is it actionable - No

      2.1.1 Its trash

      2.1.2 No action is needed now- incubate (Someday/Maybe, tickler file, hold/review)

      2.1.3 Item is potentially useful information needed sometime later (reference)

   2.2 Is it actionable - Yes

      2.2.1 Do it - if action takes less than 2 minutes

      2.2.2 Delegate it - longer than 2 minutes and I am not the right person to do it

      2.2.3 Defer it - longer than 2 minutes, right person to do it, defer until later, track on next action list

3. Organize
   3.1 Non-actionable items

      3.1.1 Trash

      3.1.2 Incubation tools - tickle it for later assessment

      3.1.3 Reference storage 

   3.2 Actionable items (list of projects, storage or files for project plans and materials, list of reminders of next actions, and a list of reminders of things you're waiting for)

Note: list means - some sort of reviewable set of reminders (note book paper, file folder, tickler file, or Outlook) 

      3.2.1 Next action categories - calendar

(ONLY absolutes that have to get done on that day, not things that you would like to do)

Time specific actions - appointments

Day specific actions - need to do sometime on a specific day

Day specific information - information that may be useful on a certain day 

      3.2.2 Next action categories - as soon as possible actions by context

Most common categories of action reminders (calls, at computer, errands, office actions, home actions, agendas, read/review) 

4. Weekly reviews (previous calendar date, upcoming calendar, empty your head, review projects, review next action list, review waiting for list, review relevant checklist, review someday/maybe list, review pending and support files)

Workflow Implimentation
Workflow implementation process, approximately 2 days

  • Team One assesses office needs with interview of office manager
  • Team One assists with clutter clearing and establishing specific filing system, fully implementing all 3 phases
  • Team One demonstrates and assists for full implementation of key efficiency principles
  • Team One fully implements Tickler System and/or Outlook for maximum productivity
  • Team One will fully support reorganization of office/work space
  • Team One will fully de-clutter desk space and set up for maximum efficiency
Materials You Will Receive:
Tickler System (labeled folders/hanging files)
Visual reminder card of workflow steps
Visual assist of key efficiency principles


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