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Do You Need a Website
Does your business really need an Ecommerce Website?

The Internet is the fastest growing advertising and distribution channel on the planet. Customers quickly learn how to use search engines instead of the phone book, email instead of the telephone and then they begin to buy products and services online. If you don't offer Ecommerce, your customers are buying from your competitors.

So to answer the question, YES. Your business needs an Ecommerce Website.

Team One Services has developed Ecommerce templates using software which is currently being used by over 114,000 small businesses. These templates can be easily adapted to suit your business requirements.

Online Revenue Stream
Introducing new products or services to the market is a major stumbling block for most small businesses. Not with your Ecommerce Website. You'll be able to feature your new items with just a few key strokes and announce it to all of your customers. Just as easily, you can start and end promotion specials with a simple price change which automatically notifies all of your customers.

In addition, we offer marketing strategies that match or transform your products or services to the needs of your customers and provide continued Website customization features unique to your business.

Find New Customers and Grow Sales
  • We have designed interactive web templates that will showcase your products/menu items/services and entice customers to buy.
  • These templates are powerful yet affordable Ecommerce Websites that are fully customizable, scalable, and allow any non-technical user to easily update and maintain their own web site.


Increase Customer Loyalty
  • System keeps customer history.
  • One click reordering.
  • Consistently efficient customer experience.
  • Can reward high-volume customers for their loyalty via direct communications.

Increase Order Frequency and Size
  • Customers will always have the menu and specials handy.
  • Collect customer e-mails and send them out based on criteria such as: frequency, recency, and location.
  • Increase sales to the growing Internet savvy crowd.

Valuable Database
  • Customer information at your fingertips.
Boost Efficiency
  • Significantly decrease the time it takes for customers to order.
  • Decrease the amount of time your crew spends taking orders.
  • Customer controls the process, eliminating misunderstandings.


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